Which platform is better Shopify or Bigcommerce?

Which platform is better Shopify or Bigcommerce

It is very difficult to compare between two platforms because each one has its own features and functionalities. We are an experienced digital marketing company and developed many Shopify or Bigcommerce platforms.

We can accelerate your ecommerce business growth with perfect ecosystem, shipping integrations, and other features that can give you time to focus on other regular activities.

We provide unparalleled support and provide hundred percent security that saves your ecommerce store from fraud alerts, site uptime, and keep your time for other business activities.

We are a team that help you grow a successful, future-proof online business.

What we do?

  • Design store
  • Host Securely
  • Drive traffic
  • Convert Traffic
  • Sell globally
  • Accept payments
  • Ship and fulfil orders
  • Analyse Business and plan strategy
  • Apps Integration
  • Complete support
  • Scalability

Our powerful skills give you the unique features you need to build an ecommerce store. We offer the best tools and technology to streamline your store for happy selling. We can create a responsive, customized online shop that showcase your products and speak with customers individually.

Choose a fast ecommerce template

  • Customize your website
  • Focus on selling with a hosted ecommerce website
  • Migrate your store and import products
  • One-on-one launch services
  • Manage your ecommerce website
  • Manage your store from your phone
  • Accept payments from leading providers
  • Manage orders and inventory
  • Increase sales across your channels
  • Sell more on all your channels
  • Convert mobile shoppers
  • Loaded with marketing features
  • Optimized for conversion
  • Extensible
  • Powerful API architecture
  • Get all time support
  • Migration and on board help

Beginners prefer Shopify than Bigcommerce making it the first choice for online merchants to operate and Shopify has nailed user-friendly design than bigcommerce.

Both the platforms carry big name in ecommerce industry.  They both have earned status at the top of the ecommerce pack. But if we need to rate the best between the two, Shopify is the better ecommerce platform. We have made thorough research on shopify and bigcommerce by testing, analysing, examined and compared plus and minus points.

Which platform is better Shopify or Bigcommerce?

We categorized both the platforms in different categories:

  • Ease of Use: Shopify has better usability than Bigcommerce
  • Design: Shopify offers unique designs than Bigcommerce.
  • Sales Features: Shopify has the latest features to offer.
  • Customer Support:  If we build your shopify store, we promise to give complete support before or after lunching of the project.


  • Better inventory system
  • Excellent sales features
  • Supports multi-channel selling across platforms


  • Most built-in features of any online platform
  • Support multi-channels selling
  • SEO to boost search ranking

Bigcommerce and Shopify are pretty similar because both are dedicated and excellent selling platforms. Both have been satisfying their customers but growth of shopify is impressive as compared to Bigcommerce.

Shopify has rated number one in research for its sales features. We use advanced tools to boost your ecommerce site which will help take your business to next level. Shopify offers unique feature of Shopify Payments that provides its own payment gateway so that you can manage all money in its dashboard, thus saves time.

Shopify themes allow superb customization, easy to personalize and look really professional. Its themes are mobile responsive and are ready to fit the appropriate screen size.

We can create, build, design, develop, maintain and promote Shopify and Bigcommerce store with same efforts and dedication.

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