Why it is important to make your Magento website GDPR compliant?

Why it is important to make your Magento website GDPR compliant?

For any successful website business customer data security is the prime key factor. It is a usual practice of a customer to share their personal data with the seller while making certain transaction on the basis of trust and they expect that the shared data will be kept secured and only used for the intended purpose. The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR will have big impact upon the ongoing businesses of e-commerce.

The General Data Protection Regulation has set a new standard for protecting the data of their citizens. The companies will have to put systems and apply various processes to comply the task and cause some concern to security teams for new expectations. GDPR will go for wide view of what comprise personal identification information. As companies do for name, address and Social Security number the same way they will adopt the same level of protection for stuff like Individual IP address or cookie data.

GDPR says that companies must assure the reasonable level of protection of citizens’ data but definition of reasonable is yet not clear. This way GDPR body makes full freedom of imposing fines for non-compliance and data breaches.

Replacing an outdated data protective directive the European parliament adopted new set of rules for the protection of data. It has the provisions to not only protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens but also to regulate the export aspect of personal data outside EU. It is important to make your magento website GDPR compliance for one solid reason and that is to keep the public privacy a main concern.

According to the RSA report a big percentage of respondents say that they would not blame the hacker but the company who would lose their data. The report writers further included that consumers expect more openness and transparency of their personal data. They said that they intentionally falsify their data when availing services online. It is important to make the magento website GDPR compliance keeping in view the customer concern of making unwanted marketing, Security concern and risk of their personal information leaked or resold.

Reasons to make your magento website GDPR compliance:

  • To avoid customer allegation of data breach
  • Leeway from GDPR governing body to impose fines for non-compliance and data breaches
  • Getting your Magento website GDPR compliance protects Biometric Data, Political Data, Health and Genetic Data, Personal Identification Information, Sexual Orientation and web data such as cookie data, location, address
  • To avoid the penalty on the company and the (Processing Partner) cloud provider
  • GDPR may impose equal liability to data controllers and data processors for non-compliance therefore to make everyone comply with the organization it is important to make your Magento website GDPR compliance.
  • The technology team will check and ensure that what data completely fits with-in the company, where the data is stored, where it is processed and where the data is being exported.

Effective and proven ways to protect the data and make Magento website GDPR compliance

  • Hackers entry will be restricted by increasing administration area’s security
  • Robust authorization policy will be implied and two-factor authentication will be implemented in other words robust authentication policy will be put into practice.
  • Reduce the sensitive data
  • Regular Data backup will be carried out
  • Magento website should be checked for potential vulnerabilities
  • Update Magento versions should be updated from the data being hacked

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