Why it is important to supplement your offline business with online store?

Why it is important to supplement your offline business with online store

It is important to supplement offline business with online store to sustain in the market. An offline business can fetch you limited customers whereas online store can bring unlimited customers across the globe. Your business gets global recognition which increase sales.

When you sell offline it reaches or available within limited location or area where with online sky is the limit. The setting up of online store is much easier and economical than brick and mortar business. In offline business, your payments may be delayed because of different types of customers but when you setup online store your payment is immediately transferred into your account.

Seeing the current situation (Corona Virus) it will be difficult for physical shop owners to survive in future, therefore this is the right time to switch brick and mortar into online. The percentages of online customers have already been increased and more and more people have been multiplying into online community for various reasons.

How we can we help?

  • Image

    Today company of various sizes and verticals are establishing a successful online presence. If you miss to show your presence on the web you can’t expect your prospects to take you seriously. We help you build your brand image worldwide. Brick and Mortar business can build your image locally. Our developers are always with you to establish your authenticity in the market.
  • 365, 24/7 Hour Availability

    Brick and mortar business cannot provide the services at odd hours and round the year. Whereas if you setup online store it can be managed 24/7 and 365 days. After you have shut down your shop for a day, all customers visit after that will either go to other shop or return without buying, but online store will store the information forever. We will build your store in such a way that you can interact with online users all the time that can increase potential income. Your website can operate and your 24/7 sales person to answer queries and generate leads.
  • Better Customer Support

    Online business can answer all questions related customer problems without taking any of your time. Our qualified team will create sections where customers can ask questions such as before making a buying decision, searching alternatives before making a buying decision and solve a problem with an existing purchase. With our support you can spend more time working on the core revenue generating activities and spend less time common customer service issues.
  • Start selling with low cost

    You need not have big space to construct, more staff to hire to run online store. By hiring genuine developers you can easily transit from offline to online and continue selling with more number of customers. 
  • Customers are just a click away

    Through online store, you can instruct, educate and solve your customers’ problems. No need to physically accept orders and payments, you can directly receive all transactions in your inbox.
  • Always Live

    In spite of change in weather conditions, we help you stand in front of customers and fulfill their buying requirements. You can stay connected all the time with your buyers and work from anywhere, unlike Brick and mortar you are never stuck to a physical location.
  • Reduce operation Costs

    You can make a significant difference by single task. If you hire us there is no need to keep customer service staff. We help you reduce staff numbers, office space and related office expenses. We have earned good name and image in the past by supporting our merchandisers in different aspects of their online business such as orders, billing, purchase, and shipping etc.
  • Target Globally

    With Brick and mortar shop your reach to your customers is limited and within given hours. With a technically rich website, you can have millions of people visiting online store at once that can increase the potential for your company.
  • Company Responsiveness

    Online store allows you to deliver your purchase order, proposal, offers, discounts and new products with one click. Depending on the workload of the sales staff, it could have taken hours or days to process the huge orders. We can help you track inventory, outstanding orders, sales numbers etc. – everything and quick response to your customers make them happier and less administration work for you.

Bay20 has the ability to turn your bricks and mortar business into a successful online business for the time, location and financial freedom it offers. We offer you to supplement your offline business with online store and use powerful tools and technology to reach maximum prospects and turn them into genuine leads and customers.

Our professionals know how to combine both online and offline marketing. Even if your marketing is not seen by people online they have a chance to see you offline that help to aid your professional image and personal interaction. This way you are not putting all eggs in the same basket and if something goes wrong with one method you still have the other one to rely on.

Bay20 offers you very reasonable price to sync your offline with online store. We are just a click or call away to help you build a successful online store.