Why you should consider upgrading to prestashop 1.7

Why you should consider upgrading to prestashop 1.7

The main aim to upgrade to prestashop 1.7 version is to simplify and improve the user interface in the process. Firstly, the eCommerce shop theme will be created and maintained in an easier way.  Secondly, It will be simpler to create, use and install modules. Thirdly and technically the code framework will be updated. The user interface updates look sleek, faster and more efficient.  Few other features that make prestashop 1.7 different and unique from others include better password security, clean URLs, Faster Site and blog integration.

If you are setting up a new ecommerce shop, then prestashop 1.7 is the great option to for running your shop flawlessly during transition.  It is undoubtedly introduced as one of the most reliable ecommerce solutions for all businesses small or medium. The prestashop 1.7 is enriched with so many advanced features and custom options that justify its reliability. There are notable changes in the general configuration and overall performance which makes its novel version.

The glance at the new advanced features added on to prestashop 1.7 version.

Better Product Configuration

The new prestashop 1.7 has got a better way to add catalogue on to your website. User can be benefitted from an updated automatic management, faster actions and automatic management. User can create quickly one products or a pack of products within a limited time and well organize its values and features. The prestashop 1.7 has come up with improved product navigation and quick creation of categories and subcategories.

Better Module Management

A new tab facility is introduced which allows to view, alter and even discover novel modules and it has become lot more easier to manage with a renovated module page.

Easy Back office navigation

With improved UI/UX one can browse the website effortlessly. The new tabs have been introduced which categorized the main menu in three sections as Sell, Improve and Configure which make the navigation easy and modules can be well managed.

Attractive Theme

The prestashop 1.7 has come up with novel theme which takes half of usual time of the designer to create novel themes easily. This light theme, enhanced check out process and product sheet gives out fresh appearance to the ecommerce store.

Novel Parent/Child Theme

Without making any changes on source file a template can be altered in Prestashop 1.7. No mark-ups or any kind of custom style is seen on the new version.

With the introduction of symphony the new robust framework emphasize to enhance the prestashop functionalities such as invoice generation, handling cart, order management, tax management and calculation of costs can now be done with efficiency.

With new version of Prestashop 1.7 the merchants can sell customized goods to specific customers and allow them to upload related files. For few products a minimal purchase quantity can be configured based on particular locations and they can be suggested to customers. To increase customer engagement and lessen the abandon cart rate, sending emails are very important to keep updated communication.  The customers are given the option to authenticate their orders.

The prestashop 1.7 version assures business growth, can connect your store to social network to generate genuine traffic by running rigorous SEO activities. Through customers emails are a good source to advertise in your store. A global exposure is given by going international just by clicking the particular country from the list. The aim of upgrading to new prestashop 1.7 is to make it less time consuming, managed with single-click, enhanced responsiveness, can be easily browsed with mobile gadgets.

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