Why you should upgrade to Shopware 6?

Why you should upgrade to Shopware 6

The most popular platform for creating eCommerce website solutions is Shopware 6 which is an open-source PHP solution for building interactive interfaces. You should upgrade to shopware 6 for its updated admin panel, more intuitive, and responsive design elements.


  • SEO & Promotion
  • GDR compliance
  • Integration with payment systems
  • B2B functionality
  • GDPR compliance

Shopware 6 has more high-performance, simple and ultra-fast framework, licensed and integration is much more extensive as opposed to the previous version. Our developers know how to implement different APIs for various solutions for introducing customers to the brand. We help you enhance the overall level of user experience to make the website more personalized.

Bay20 help you boost Shopware to grow your online store, get more ways to distribute your products to your online customers and boost sales. We can connect you with all the sales channels so that customers can communicate whether it is a social network, joint market places or any other resources where customers can browse.

We are experienced to use all the integrations and get recognition to your brand and increase user loyalty. With universal graphical interface, we can create unique modern design for online store. We are technically well-equipped to give more customized options for business. Your products will be given word wide recognition. Our updated plugins will easily upgrade your shopware 6.

Our expert developers have got all the technicalities to optimize your online business and promise to provide long-term support regarding security, plugins, and other technical updates even after upgrading shopware project.

Our specialities:

  • Safe upgradation
  • Clear Interface
  • Outstanding user experience
  • Consistent design
  • Full support
  • On-time delivery
  • Advanced plugins, extensions and integration
  • Save time and resources
  • Intuitive UI
  • Dynamic product catalogues
  • Ultimate content
  • Discounts and Promotions modules
  • Media Management
  • Flexibility
  • Strong Ecosystem

With Shopware 6 we can control sales channels from one location and manage products that are relevant for your target groups. We use custom APIs reach your customers wherever they are. We can create unifying shopping experience across channels, regardless of device. Our main aim will be to make your shopware 6 process as comfortable as possible by providing various resources.

Few online stores are more successful than others and this is due to the ecommerce platform you have selected and has it been upgraded from older version to the new version or not. We assure you to give global reach for your brand.

Advantages of Shopware 6:

  1. Augmented admin panel
  2. Filling a store with quality content
  3. Ever-changing search engine capabilities
  4. New sales channels
  5. Connect with International markets
  6. Advanced business opportunities

Aimed to make you succeed in your online business we help you build strong relationship with your customers, regardless of their location. Shopware 6 is suitable for companies and shops of all sizes.

We promote effective marketing strategy and make products more visible to the user, stimulate customers through shopware concepts and save you from unnecessary work and other operational problems.

Bay20 creates tailor-made expansions according to your customer requirements and always ready for any challenge during shopware upgrade process. We work for you and optimize your shopware online store to permanently ensure optimal performance of Shopware 6 system.

Reasons to upgrade:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Improved communications
  3. Greater efficiency
  4. Better security
  5. Enhancements
  6. Vendor support
  7. IT support
  8. Need Warranty
  9. Reduced costs
  10. Compatibility
  11. Reduced power usage
  12. Engage more customers
  13. Business Growth
  14. Streamlined

We routinely update software to ensure that your online stores bring maximum return over investment. We understand that product quality is a priority therefore we fix bugs as they are identified and incorporate the fixes into Shopware 6.

If you decide to develop a perfect online store for your customers that include progressive design, perfect user experience, and increase sales then you should upgrade to shopware 6 and give us the opportunity to serve you. The old version is good but to keep with the times and stay ahead in competition the change is necessary.

For any support on shopware please mail us at manish@bay20.com or Whatsapp Us at +91-8800519180.