woocommerce Bug Fixing and Maintenance


There are certain issues that one might face with WooCommerce. If the themes and plugins are out dated, this leaves you open to security vulnerabilities, plus it can cause conflicts to occur with the core version in the database. The more plugins you have running the higher the chances of a theme or plugin conflict arise. It is important to hire experienced developers to use a high quality plugin or theme; otherwise the code could be bugged and lead to a conflict that brings down the site.

We are expertise in Woocommerce bug fixing and maintenance past nine years for different clients across the globe. We can successfully do custom coding or woocommerce bug fixing of your cost at a very nominal cost. Technical errors can damage the reputation of your product and online store and can be highly problematic as they can prevent the users from proceeding. The users can even think that the site has been hacked. Site maintenance and page errors should not be ignored as they are the important factors to get healthy returns on your investment. We have found from our experience that such mistakes are unforgiving by the observers when faced with page errors and site maintenance problems.

Due to layout bugs visitors abandon their purchase due to lack of trust in the site and even the most trustworthy brands won’t matter because users prefer bug free site. We have more than nine years of experience in fixing bug related issues on Woocommerce platform. Our developers leave no stone unturned to fix any error on the website that may affect the conversion rate in future.

The root cause of online store failures turned out to be poor quality code, unsolved bugs to the end customers. Small mistakes that slip through may further lead to big financial losses. We understand that bad reputation and bad user experience can prevent the success. We practice all possible way to provide high-quality for building bug-free products to the end users. Our latest bug fixing tools and technology is to improve the software development process, maintaining standard quality for preventing bugs and errors in the product.   

What we do?

We ensure the quality of your brand before it goes live for users. Our technical engineers make checklists, conduct testing and provide suggestion on design and usability issues throughout the development process. Our developers will always be in touch with you to ensure the highest quality.

Bug Reporting:

We verify the bug, check against functional specs, performs the analysis and finds out the root cause of the bug. We can work with various bug tracking systems depending on your preference.

Functional Issues:

We check whether every function features as you expected them to be and leave no possibility for any functional issue.

Compatibility Issues:

We make every effort to check the compatibility of your ecommerce site in different browsers and on various operating systems and remove the bug if found. 

Usability Testing:

We fix bug that prevents to make your website and app user friendly.

Condition Issues:

We make sure that your app and website perform perfect when user has unstable internet connection or low battery issue.

Security Issue:

Your website, private data and customers’ information is secured.

When it comes to maintaining WooCommerce, you must update all the plugins on a monthly basis. If you skip updating, then you might risk a security break on the site.

Another important part is your hosting server and platform because that impacts a lot of aspects of your website from security to performance. So it’s important to select the right host server platform suitable for your site.

We have a separate technical team to set a 24/7 security monitoring so as to detect and remove malware on the site.
In order to avoid any bugs or crashing of a site, it is always best to keep security protocols in place and a full daily backup taken every single day.

Also, a common cause of performance issues on many sites is due to extremely heavy data. If the images look a little blurry or seem stretched, then probably you have an issue with your image sizing.
In these cases, reducing and optimising the database size of the site without losing its functionality is utmost important.
Plugins play a vital role in these sites. So upgrading to the latest PHP, which is the server side programming language, is also necessary to avoid any performance and security issues.
To conclude, Increase the frequency of your backups- Backups not only prevent lost data, but also allows you to get a site back up and running faster if something goes wrong. That’s Crucial when every second of downtime could be costing sales.

Testing is also important once Plugins and themes are updated and that requires loading of the homepage, test the checkout process to make sure that everything is working fine.

Our experts are vigilant on security issues, monitor the speed and diligently watch the uptime and downtime notifications. Lastly, the most important and often overlooked part of WooCommerce is communication. We make our client aware in case of downtime or any other performance issues.

We update Woocommerce plugin and make your store secure. Our maintenance does not end with updates but also security checks, backups, handling out of stock products, product inventory updates, fixing broken links and so on. We perform a regular set of tasks on a timely basis as per our client’s requirement.

Benefits of maintenance:

  • Prevents malicious attacks
  • Improves user experience
  • Keep product information updated
  • Reinforces customers trust
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Regular backups

Bay20 is an experienced website development company having nine years of experience. Woocommerce is not just a onetime task but requires quality time, dedication and effort to perform the task expected on a regular basis. We suggest you to hire us for bug fixing and maintenance tasks and concentrate on other core activities in your business and let a professional handle your Woocommerce maintenance that can result in long term improvement.

If you are interested, you can initiate live chat or write an email to us for immediate reply.  

Please contact us at manish@bay20.com or call us at +91-8800519180 for any support related to Woocommerce. You can also visit the Woocommerce development page to check the services we offer.