WordPress Design and Development

WordPress Design and Development

Many websites online operate on open source tools. One such open- source and free tool available to website owners worldwide to run their virtual ventures is WordPress. Actually, it is not just any open source platform; it is one of the most efficient and most popular platforms. WordPress Design and Development then refers to the designing and development of website/ blogging portals that are to use WordPress as the building block. Here are a few common questions answered for all those who are still new to WordPress.

The most important and the major most part of WordPress design and development is the “theme”. What is this theme and what does it do?

A theme in WordPress is what drives the whole website. The behavioral aspects in the respect to the website, the way it looks and even what all the website contains is determined by the theme. However, one should not confuse the theme with the content. These two things are completely different. In addition, this difference gives us the advantage of using one theme for different websites with different content.

Now, how do you get this theme which defines your website and hence your blog or your online business?

A theme has a number of different template files that perform different functions. These functions determine the look of the website. The two major template files are the index file and the style file. On one hand, the index file determines the content that will be displayed in the theme, and on the other, the style sheet determines the style of the website. To attain a theme you need to have these files and the respective commands set as per your needs. The WordPress design and development service providers can create themes to suit the exact specific requirements you hold for your website. Many pre-developed themes are also available on WordPress for those who do not wish to get the themes developed from scratch.

There are other files in the structure of a theme (besides the two major ones mentioned above). Such as the header file, the footer files, the functions file etc. All these files define some or the other aspect of the theme. The functions file for example defines any functioned that are to be performed on the website as a part of the theme.

What are the points of concern for you when you are getting themes developed?

There are number of factors that may constraint your approach towards WordPress design and development. Here are a few important things you must access before proceeding with the theme development:

  • Time: Access the amount of time you have to get the theme developed and learn how to manage it.
  • Budget: Decide the amount of budget you can put aside for theme development to be specific.
  • Single Use or Recurring: If you will be developing similar websites or similar themes in the future, then it is best to have codes that can be reused to save time and cost later on.

Making a decision or accessing your requirements in these three spheres will ensure efficiency in the WordPress design and development work for your website.

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