Design Concepts

Bay20 Software Services specialize in conceptualizing eCommerce product design. Our team has extensive experience in creating high conversion stores. Every product has its own target market and every product has its own selling features.

Our team study your product and your target market to design concept of your store which give you high return on your investment. We focus not only making your store fancy. We evaluate the design in terms of its overall user experience and performance. By virtue of our extensive experience in building feature rich stores with high conversion rate we are able to deliver best value for your money.

We analyse the customer behaviour in particular segment of your product and also their buying pattern. We have employed event based statistics on different stores that gives us fait idea in this regard.

We also make design concept good looking and unique. It help you look different from completion and let you make your mark. Our design concepts has helped several store owners to generate better sales and improve their brand value.

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