About Magento Cloud

Magento Cloud is a managed and automated hosting platform for Magento specifically created and hosted on the cloud and comprised of all-in-one hosting, deployment and development solution provided by magento. It has number of environments: production, staging and two development environments. It combines the power of Magneto Cloud infrastructure hosting and with few added features.

We can access your magneto development and deployment process through UI console or CLI.

Benefits of Magneto Cloud Development:

Reach Market Fast: Activate your product/s faster with extensible and flexible solution that can support in every business scenario and need

Continuous Innovation: Execute goals with extensive and flexible commerce solution making endless innovation possible

Grow globally and fast: With global scale design and local adaption with multi-site architecture will allow online store merchants to sell to potential online customers, businesses of all sizes from one solution. So, no need to reconfigure and slow down with speed.

Manage shopping experience: Engage online shoppers from a global view of inventory management to multiple fulfilment options so that your connection with customers remain on every channel and deliver wonderful experience.

Embrace to boost market capabilities: Magento cloud edition enrich the possibilities to boost B2B market capabilities.

Magento Commerce cloud provides infrastructure that includes different technologies, workflow with automatic build and deploy for rapid and continuous deployment, customizable environment configuration tools and files, hosting that offers secure and scalable environment for online retailing and sales.

Magento cloud edition allows developers rapid deployment with top-tier cloud technologies and flexibility to move and switch from Magneto cloud to your own cloud. It makes faster and easier deploying, testing, promoting and managing multiple environments.  

Core Features of Magento B2B Commerce Cloud

  • Innovative Architecture
  • Zero-Downtime Deployment
  • Efficient and Scalable
  • Speed Optimization
  • Safe and Consistent deployments
  • Fully secure, customizable and scalable web storefront

Benefits to Merchants:

Quick Orders: Quick order interface allows ecommerce owners to upload SKUs lists, copy last orders, use requisition lists and speed up recurring purchases with fast re-orders.

Corporate Account Management: The platform offers flexible payment options to boost sales and supports sales to corporate accounts with multiple levels of buyers.

Multi-Channel support: Manage different e-commerce brands in different geographies.

Back-up Integrations: Helps application programming interface to integrate with Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and administration systems.

Custom Catalogues and Price Lists: Ecommerce owners can create pricing lists and custom product for specific customer groups.

Why Bay20 for Magento cloud development?

  • We can help you grab opportunities to stand out from competition and prepared to overcome the hurdles from customer expectations, competitions to ever-changing technologies.
  • Our developers help you integrate an open and flexible framework to deliver a digital commerce user experience. Our experience team will guide you decide the best deployment option that suits your business needs.
  • Dedicated resources with Magento hosting and cloud servers deliver best Magento performance
  • Offer advanced cache options to speed up your online store
  • Use latest technologies for improved loading times
  • We offer latest version of PHP to make you witness the difference we bring to your Magento website
  • We are known to provide the best hosting for Magento stores and to deliver superior performance
  • We are well versed with cloud development systems such as integration, staging and production
  • We follow best practices with continuous integration that allow us to build, test and deploy bug-free code

Our technically expert magento cloud development team provides ecommerce business owners to offer simplified integration, different customer experiences with existing systems and respond quickly to changing technology.

Our focus remains on client satisfaction throughout the development process. We use latest web application technologies, implement best coding and design practices. We guarantee of providing you highly interactive and seamless solutions in addition to excellent support.