One of the efficient ways to drive online customers to the website is through advertising platform Bing Ads. Bing is a web search engine that is launched and managed by Microsoft. We are known Bing Ad management agency with years of experience in setting Bing Ads campaigns.

How do we help?

  • Help out to fetch potential Business: We will help you drive genuine customers and traffic through Bing Ads setup.
  • Easy Setup: Our technically talented team will make it simple and easy set up with the latest tools and technology.
  • Actionable Data: We understand that without proper data no plan is successful. So, with variety of visualization tools we plan to setup better campaigns by having industry, location, device and scheduling data at our finger tips.
  • Better Return on Investment: We assure you to get better return on your investment on the amount spent on Bing Ads.
  • Bing Ads Intelligence: We help you with large number of keywords with integrated research, bid estimates and find keyword-specific metrics like impressions, click-through rate, position and cost-per-click on Excel.
  • Industry Insights: We help our clients to get the most from our search data. We regularly study industry vertical-focused insights in making the best decisions for Bing Ads campaigns set up for your company.
  • Active Support: You will never have any issues regarding Bing Ad campaign planned by us. Our experts regularly and timely check the successful working of Bing Ads on social channels.
  • Global Audience: We not only help you reach local audience but target potential customers globally. We have qualified Bing Ads team who leave no stone unturned to reach out every possible customer all over the world with our online search marketing strategies.
  • More Features: We have updated user interface with more features to increase efficiency as we understand your time and money both are precious.
  • Excess Bing Ads everywhere: With Bing Ads we will help you get customers from everywhere regardless of what device or operating system they use or whatever is their location.
  • Tag Tracking: Our experts help you to get advantage of Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking, a campaign measurement solution to find out enhanced insights into how customers are behaving on your website. The feature helps to track goals and events that are important for the promotion of your brand worldwide.

We help you manage different campaigns at the different time zones and make ad scheduling strategies easier to manage in Bing, when it is important to reach your campaign internationally. We adjust a setting for a particular ad group without any hassle of creating a brand-new campaign to make the change. We can control demographic targeting at either the ad group or the campaign level within Bing Ads as it is powerful for advertisers who know that their product or service is usually purchased by a particular gender or age group.

Steps to follow for Bing Adwords:

  • Identify the right keyword
  • Optimize Keywords
  • Find the best option
  • Get higher conversion rate
  • Get quality and relevant leads
  • Reach specific audience, drive traffic and increase revenue

If you assign your Bing Ad campaign to the expert digital marketing team, you not only reach extended audience demographic but lower CPC and better return on your investment. With our latest technical know how we bring the campaign up without recreating everything from scratch.

We are fully transparent and allow our clients to see where their traffic is coming from and provide detail performance reports about the campaign, metrics, from impressions to conversions. Our main speciality is to provide flexible plan according to your budget.

With Bing Ads management we can help you expand the reach into new and unique territories, fill gap in your online presence, less bidding competition, boast higher positioning, and a lower cost-per-click.

Why to choose us?

  • Our team can build custom-tailored campaigns based on your business, budget, goals and the target audience.
  • Through regular campaign management we can improve your online conversion rate.
  • We analyze every ad on the platform and prepare to reach benchmark to increase click-through rates and conversions.
  • Our technical skills in selecting right keywords make the difference in showing powerful and desired results.
  • We make sure that your landing page speaks to your target customers for increased conversions.
  • We create actionable Bid Ads campaign so that you get the maximum out of your budget.

As we know, First impression is the last impression so; we make sure the ads posted alongside search results are effective and convincing. Our experts test your ads over time and ensure they are performing well and we are the first to admit if an ad isn’t working and make continue to test and shape your Bing Ad campaign.

Our Services:

  • Initial Planning and setup
  • Campaign Development
  • Optimization
  • Auditing
  • On-going evaluation

Our Bing ads management agency can be tailored to your business requirement and advertising budget. We treat every client is equally important regardless of their project.

Our team of search engine marketing experts is adept at handling different aspects of Bing ads, follow best practices and help you extend your reach beyond Google at lower cost.

Discuss your Bing Ads campaign setup project with us and find immediate solution. Let Bay20 help you drive more traffic to your site and increase conversion and revenue with Bing ads management services.