Need of Data Migration:

The future of your product depends on performance, uniqueness, usability, precision, security and efficiency. But in the rat race of digital market, the technology needs to stay competitive.  We offer data migration on shopify with a thorough analysis process.  Our aim is to keep you updated about all the competition and competitors.  Before making data migration we consider data volume and value.

Our services include:

  • Complete maintenance support
  • Comprehensive Deployment Roadmaps
  • Validation rules and workflow choices
  • ROI over-time
  • Streamline client systems

How do we do data migration on shopify?

  • Evaluate existing data
  • List types of data:
    Such as products, customers, historical orders, certificates, gift cards, blogs, discount codes, web pages, contact detail, product reviews, and shipping policy
  • Include how many data for each amount
  • how to migrate data and in which order

Procedure to migrate:

  1. Copy and paste content from existing site
  2. Create an app that uses the Admin API
  3. Transfer data (Products, customers and historical orders)
  4. Organize your products to shopify after data migration

Shopify is an out-of-the-box web application and highly customizable. We can create an appealing web store with perfect data migration.  You need to concentrate on core business and not on the technical side of the website and shopping management.

Get in touch with us if you want experts to upgrade to shopify ecommerce environment at cost effective prices for data migration job.

Data Migration involves three basic steps:

  • Extraction Data
  • Transform Data
  • Load Data

We undertake shopify data migration to help organizations for various reasons such as to overhaul an entire system, establish a new data ware house, upgrade data bases or merge new data from an acquisition or other source. Our goal behind every data migration is generally to enhance performance and competitiveness.

Our Data Migration plan Strategy:

  • Our developers undergo a complete audit to have a clear picture before actually migrating data.
  • We apply additional software to clean up any issues with source data
  • The experts control to maintain data quality
  • Tracking and reporting on data is the next step because it enables a better understanding of data integrity. We use latest tools and processes for bringing the right software for the data migration to shopify.

We follow:

  • Back up the data before executing
  • Stick to the strategy made
  • Define and design the migration
  • Build the Migration solution
  • Test during designing, development and maintenance phase
  • Flipping the switch
  • Audit

Building out Data Migration to shopify our focus stays on connectivity, scalability, security and speed. For successful ROI oriented business it is very important to migrate data with the support of technical experts.

Bay20 software provides cost-effective data migration to shopify services for websites, servers, systems, storage devices, applications, user interface, architectures and operating systems.

We have provided our migration services to different websites, software, products, and enterprises owners till the date. Our developers perform the data migration after deep planning and analysis.

Whether it’s about securing data, upgrading platform, switching technology, or changing database – there is nothing our technical migration developers cannot do.