The Drupal Plugin allows a module to provide functionality in an object-oriented manner. Module developers write plugins to extend systems such as widgets, blocks, image effects and other options for administrators to select from. There are different types of plugins in Drupal and plugins that perform same functionality is of the same plugin type.

Our developers can expand pluggable components within their code and support these components through the user interface. The plugin system has three main elements namely Plugin Types, Plugin Discovery and Plugin Factory.

We know that plugins are like PHP native interfaces and thus deals with the metadata and provide a factory for the plugin types. Our team is aware about the technicalities of using them in the given project. We very well understand the difference between using Plugins and tagged services. We implement plugin if behaviour needs to be selected by the user else use tagged services if there is no need for user interaction.

We create a plugin that can be defined in themes and in custom module. Using Drupal our experts find the way to swap in and out reusable bits of code within modules that reduce the amount of code for writing to provide versatile and friendly experience for end users. With excellent Plugin API we can create marvellous attractions and events the place can offer.

We first define the plugin type and then to load it we use plugin manager. Drupal has a service which is responsible to find and instantiate plugins. Our experts know that Drupal plugins are a powerful way to implement a selected functionality in different ways across Drupal projects.

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For us, learning curve never ends therefore; we keep educating ourselves with the latest technology and methodology and sharpen our skills in coding Drupal Plugins and modules.

We successfully accept the most challenging part of our project that is to align development and business targets. We believe that solving real-time problems is much more challenging than delivering a technically perfect piece of coding.

Our plugins strategy:

  1. Plugin Type: When creating a plugin, information, the mechanisms for discovery and instantiation and usage are provided by plugin type.
  2. Plugin Discovery: We follow the process of locating the definition of, and metadata for, all plugins of a given type. When implementing we know which discovery mechanism it’s using.
  3. Plugin Factory: When defining a new plugin type we know about plugin factories and understand how a plugin factory works.
  4. Plugin: We implement new plugin whenever we want to add new functionality to an existing tool.

Our task starts with a thorough research of different solutions by reading of articles, source code, estimation and knowledge to implement technical concepts. The team then involves in real development that requires regular self-improvement, cutting-edge skills and much more.

We expertise in the capitalizing the unique features of Drupal platform and efficiently create secure, rich and flexible Drupal web solutions.

Our professionals can take complete responsibility of any Drupal task from project architecture and estimation, to development and deployment with a hundred percent efficiency. We believe that the best Drupal developer is the one who can write some code if there is no module for that.