How to create configuration sets in shopware 5 ?

To create configuration sets in shopware 5 follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to shopware theme directory of your website.

Step 2: Open Theme.php file to add the configuration set.

Step 3: Add below code in Theme.php

use Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection;
use Shopware\Components\Theme\ConfigSet;
public function createConfigSets(ArrayCollection $collection)
   $set = new ConfigSet();
   $set->setName('Red theme');
   $set->setDescription('Set all colors to red and increase the font size');
       'basic_font_size' => '20px',
       'custom-color-main' => '#ff0000'


Step 4: Now go to the Theme manager section in the backend and click on the Configure theme.

Step 5: After clicked on the Configure theme, Click on the Configuration sets to see the result.