Benefits of integrating magento with hubspot

benefits of integrating magento hubspot

If you integrate magneto with hubspot, repeat sales from old customers can be increased and increase in the number of online customers.  We can help you integrate Magneto Customer, abandon cart, order, data into Hubspot. With the sophisticated tool we pass customer data and attribute from Magento into hubspot. We can send a timed series of personalized emails to your important contacts that abandoned a cart and automate the follow-up process to increase conversions. The benefits of integrating magento with hubspot include various inbound marketing techniques such as Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content management, and Web Analytics.

Integration Magento with hubspot helps you in:

  • Increase Leads
  • Accelerate Sales
  • Organize contacts
  • Serve Customers better


  • Constantly evolve customers purchase behaviour
  • Relations between Products and orders
  • Personalized marketing messages
  • Maximize conversions
  • Determine nurturing
  • Import Magento Orders
  • Workflows for Automation
  • Create customer segmentation
  • ROI Tracking
  • Contact property fields

We can help you break out of the box and personalized customer experience on social media and your website.  We support you attribute revenue generated to marketing channels and campaigns. You can evaluate which traffic source of marketing actions turned into revenue during any given time period. Our magneto and hubspot experts generate a recurring report immediately to anyone in the company so everyone can get the information about company’s progress. With our sharp and focused marketing strategies we also take care of your inbound marketing factor and help you reach your target customers.

Why choose us?

  1. We provide constant technical support and a pack of advisory services, sales and after-sales expertise solutions.
  2. Our extensions follow the best standard practices and are developed by our Magento certified experts.
  3. We are known to provide complete ecommerce marketing solutions, Integrations, Extensions, Importers, Mobile app development, Digital marketing services, marketing automation and much more. We are one stop solution for all your Magento with hubspot requirements.
  4. We help you leverage the order and customer data for business growth, customer life cycle campaigns, automate abandoned cart recovery, upsell emails, and more.
  5. Our developers bring all your customer information and cart order history collected in one place, so that you can analyse and take appropriate action accordingly.
  6. We can sync your shopping cart customers, prospects, orders and checkouts, custom fields and products
  7. We help our merchants maximize the return on their Hubspot investment through Magento to hubspot integration.
  8. Our proven tools and technology enables you to create offers, sync them to hubspot.

We are a leading hubspot marketing agency that helps you code and develop the technical process accurately such as ROI calculations, landing pages, email templates.

We specialize in taking your design, brand and build it into user-friendly, responsive and custom hubspot templates.  Our experts help drive your marketing strategy with custom template development. Our magento with hubspot integration services personalize and optimize all most everything with hubspot platform.

We are amongst few agencies the offer complete end-to-end digital marketing services from content to the development process. We have prompt record of delivering projects on-time and within budget.

Other benefits of integrating magento with hubspot include seeing the list of your customers have the largest followers and segment the list based on geography, social reach, buying history, and more.

Our magento with hubspot integration services include:

  • Product Data
  • Customer Data
  • Income Tracking
  • Payment Methods Mapping
  • Tax Rates Mapping

The magento with hubspot integration is seamless, secure and unlimited. Our developers repeat numerous processes whenever a data is transferred. With improved Import & export extensions, our developers successfully transfer all information from Magento to hubspot and back.

For further information, give us a call or write an email to us for immediate solution regarding Magento with hubspot integration.

Sync your Magento data to hubspot and get growing.

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