Benefits of Upgrading to stencil theme in bigcommerce

Benefits of Upgrading to stencil theme in bigcommerce

There are many benefits of upgrading to stencil theme in bigcommerce because it is a browser-based tool that helps merchants to quickly customize the look with no coding which is called store design. It incorporates best practices in designing standard, SEO and technology in the industry and allows building a fantastic and attractive storefront that is capable of engaging online shoppers to make purchase on any device. With stencil powerful features, theme developers are able to create stunning, dynamic and powerful storefronts.

The stencil Command Line Interface helps developers to locally customize and develop on any stencil theme without showing and impact on merchant live forefront during the development process.

BigCommerce stencil is based on templates with dynamic and conditional logic which enables developer to customize storefront pages more efficiently.

Page-specific feature allows requesting only the objects needed on the storefront that increases the page speed and able to define the content to render with very few keystrokes.

Stencil themes access remote objects by using event hooks. They trigger defined events based on customer behaviour and allow collecting relevant data and optimizing online shopper’s experience. For managing event hooks and to facilitate theme-building BigCommerce provides client-side JavaScript library stencil-utils. The choices are given to developers to select from range of choices to determine which theme aspects merchant can customize. A theme developer has grant access to fonts, colours, numbers of products/entries to display per feature and display/hiding of page features.

Stencil theme contains few variations. As per the market, audience and styles individual variations can be optimized and even manage and distribute all of these variations as one theme also. BigCommerce stores powered by stencil are responsive and mobile-friendly.

The benefits of Upgrading to stencil theme in bigcommerce include full responsiveness built-in, access to industry-specific themes and updated with more modern styles. Stencil is BigCommerce’s present theme platform that fuses the most recent accepted procedures in innovation, SEO, conversion, design standards and enables you to assemble a dazzling customer facing facade that draws in customers and empowers.

checkouts on any gadget. Vendors and designers can look over the best responsive web based business layouts available or go for completely custom webpage. Stencil themes are built on open-source code, non-proprietary and to minimize the learning curve for developers.

Stencil is an absolute game changer that makes it stand out in the crowd. With Bigcommerce stencil development we can work on theme on local computers without interrupting the live site. It is performed on familiar languages such as SASS/SCSS, Handlebars etc. To preview the changes we can do across mobile, tablet as well as desktop without manually loading the site on different platforms that saves lot of time. The biggest benefit will be for the ecommerce stores to have new responsive stencil theme that can have a significant positive impact on search engine ranking.

The benefits of upgrading Stencil framework to bigcommerce:

  • Ability to use “if/then” statement
  • Responsive Design
  • New theme options
  • Built-in Customize menu
  • Customizable optimized one-page checkout
  • Attractive options for payment methods and social media
  • Fixes/improvements to some functionality
  • Industry specific themes
  • It is faster in speed
  • Stencil themes are mobile-optimized
  • With feature like BrowserSync, changes made to the theme can be seen in real time on computers, mobiles and tablets

Stencil is definitely the future of BigCommerce and is the next generation of online store theme designs. The backbone of stencil code is written in more crisp and hard manner and much lean and efficient and with faster load time that improves SEO automatically.

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