Elements of B2B eCommerce Development

Elements of B2B eCommerce Development

Every ecommerce company wants to spend in the best platform and technology, however deciding which solution to invest would be the most sensible one for must-have B2B ecommerce, is very crucial to decide.  You should always choose the platform that was designed for B2B ecommerce sites.

Essential features:

  1. We help you create interactive digital catalogue so that when a customer enters the site, only permitted catalogues be visible. You can allocate products according to buyers and purchase with account-specific catalogue views to streamline the purchasing process. We are able to provide flexible multi-catalogue and multi-site support for even complex models.
  2. Our developers will help your buyers to purchase and manage their accounts with self-service functionalities and allow one-click reordering.
  3. Our tailor workflows to match your customers’ purchasing journey according to organization structure and automate the process to finalize the order.
  4. To deal and configure with different products based, you need an updated B2B ecommerce platform that gives flexibility to control pricing based on segments of customers or subscriptions.
  5. Our promotional strategies on grouped products and bulk purchases will allow your customers to avail discounts.
  6. We are capable to integrate all the systems such as payment, shipping, invoice and marketing automation software and other functionalities on one platform to streamline your business operations and provide enhanced buying experience for your customers.

Our experts know to integrate solutions that combine powerful digital experience in order to deliver B2B ecommerce experiences. We are capable to deliver the personalized experiences that your customers crave for and can bring great business benefits.

We keep a track of Data to transform into Insights in order to share personalize strategies effectively. Our digital marketing company is able to offer data reporting tools that track performance, real-time analysis, and customer insights to power personalization efforts and identify bottlenecks.

We specialize in B2B ecommerce development that is highly flexible, cost effective, generate traffic and improve sales.

Our B2B ecommerce development out-of-the-box features:

  • Quick order form
  • Pricing Levels
  • Tax Exempt Customers
  • Minimum order value
  • Recurring payments

Our growth strategies:

  • Focused SEO strategy
  • Store Locator
  • Upsell/Cross sell Funnels
  • Discounts
  • Mobile/ Tablet orders
  • Drive more traffic
  • Marketplace Optimization

Lead Generation Strategy:

  • Full keyword research
  • Competitor and bid analysis
  • Lead generation strategy
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Increase B2B leads
  • CRM Integration

Our Integrations:

  • Integrate Your ecommerce website
  • Order Management


  • Custom Integration
  • Etc.

CRM Integration:

  • Automatically integrate orders
  • Ticket System
  • Setup advanced conditional forms
  • Control Product, advertisements,  graphics on website
  • ERP Integration

We build B2B ecommerce sites according to your budget that you can easily manage and focus on other core activities on growing and marketing your business and leave B2B ecommerce development on us.

Most of the ecommerce businesses fail because of rigid templates but we tailor to the specific needs of your business and get most from your ecommerce venture. You should be careful to choose a reputed digital company who understands your business and gives the best solution.

Bay20 provides value-based strategy and effective execution policies that can help a B2B ecommerce business to prosper and keep ahead of the competition.

Get in touch with us to synchronize your B2B ecommerce store development and get full support after the delivery of the project. You can consider consulting our experts to integrate CRM with your B2B online store on a reasonable cost.  We help you build seamless, personalized shopping experience for your customers.