Ecommerce Consultancy Service: 5 Survival Tips for e-Retailers

The traditional dynamics between a seller and a buyer have long been changed by the expansion and growth of ecommerce across industries, markets and economies. There has been a shift of power as a result of this dynamics change and the scales weigh in favor of the consumers/ customers. In addition to the change in dynamics the increasing competition, increasing expectations of e-shoppers, vast reach of social media have all added to the stress of e-retailers.

Trapped in such a situation, e-retailers turn to the experts- ecommerce consultancy services, to get advice to maximize the success probability of their businesses. The tips below come from the experts putting across what you, as an e-retailer, should do to surpass challenges faced by the industry today.

  1. Build Trust within Consumers: A challenge faced by the whole retail industry, that keeps pulling the growth down is lack of trust in consumers in reference to e-retailers. To ensure sustained growth you must then build trust within your customer base. Various established ecommerce consultancy services highlight the specific areas of focus. These include provision of clear, correct and excat information about the products/ services being sold; personal information safety assurance; effective and secure payment modes; efficient delivery and reliable/ quality goods. Improving and focusing on these segments adds to trust and ensures loyalty on part of the customers.
  2. Integration across devices/ portals: The new age technological advancement has increased the number of devices and portals through which consumers now access online stores. There is a need for all e-retailers to create an Omni-channel which integrates the shopping experience across the various devices. This will deliver a consitent and efficient experience to your customers across all mediums, thus adding to sales turnover.
  3. Personalization: In addition to making the shopping experience consistent there is also a need to personalize it. As per experts, this can become one of the most attractive parts of your online store and give you the edge over your competitors. But most ecommerce consultancy service providers will also warn you against compromising on the security of customer’s personal data in bid to personalize their experience. So make sure to keep this in mind before you proceed.
  4. Delivery Charges: The delivery and shipping charges have always been a point of concern for buyers and hence sellers in online retailing. And with the drive of competition and the surge in online shopping that is predicted by ecommerce gurus and ecommerce consultancy services, this issue must be sorted. The only way to proceed as per most experts is to keep all of the delivery charges to the minimal possible amount.

Customer Support:  One of the smartest ways to trump the market is to offer endless amounts of support to all of your customers. A satisfied and happy customer fuels loyalty and creates referrals making this customer the best possible marketing strategy a retailer could ask for. On the other hand, a negative and an unsatisfied customer can reverse multiple positives. Bank on this aspect of retailing by providing oodles of after sales services and support to your customers, and be as amicable as you can be, to grow in the market.