How magento2 is better than magento1?

magento 1 better to magento 2

Magento2 is considered to be the latest and updated version for the open source ecommerce platform. The new version provides better performance, scalability, unmatched flexibility, channelize shopping experience, innovative unities for developers and empowers B2B and B2C businesses.
Magento2 is better than Maagento1 in following ways.

User Friendly Approach

Magento2 makes it easier to novices to use menu-driven programs on e-commerce platform. The online visitors find it’s simpler and easier to approach and get wonderful shopping experience.
To achieve higher conversion rate the ecommerce platforms should be simple and have easy streamlined checkout process so that shopping carts are not left abdomen by frustrated and confused customers. The checkout process should show the customer an easy way with logical steps and offer support along the way. A streamlined checkout process seamlessly joins transaction functionality, customer service features, and higher average orders.

Trendy Technologies

Magento2 is focused for planning and implementing best trendy technologies match with today’s multi-channel and mufti-faceted world of online shopping. It has all the latest technologies which are in line with latest trend.

Performance Enhancement

It provided comprehensive information regarding installation and optimization and what to do to improve site performance. The world is moving fast and online shoppers don’t want to spend lot of time on ecommerce shopping. Therefore, an effortless process and good site performance is the key success of any ecommerce store. Performance optimization is an integral part of magento2 software. It not only increases the page load speed but makes easy the checkout process.

New Shopper Experience Features

An ecommerce platform can win a customer forever if it provides unique, easy and fast shopping experience. A minor mishap, long checkout process and can result in poor sale and also the possibility that the customer may never return to that site and on the contrary a satisfied and loyal customer will not only return but bring new online shippers the ecommerce website. Magento2 creates new shopper experience with its features, design and tools to measure and optimize performance for engaging more shopper experience.

Framework Improvements

Magento2 uses latest and popular framework platform to manage database access layer performance, cache engine and translations. It has come up with two major changes. Each module has its own unique directory and everything is placed directly under the app structure. Magento2 developers have got more opportunities for customize website without changing the core functionality.

Quality Extensions for Magento2

Magento2 is upgraded with new quality extensions that allow ecommerce store owners to superb high-quality extensions with new Magento2 features. Magento2 quality extensions include All Access Pass, Multi User Account, Marketplace multi vendor manager, Sales Rep Commission Manager etc.

Quarterly Platform Updates

Magento2 is upgraded with quarterly platform updates. Every three months the platform is updated that means the visitor will have new and better shopping experience on the site which will finally get business gain for ecommerce owners.