How to Add Meta Information in Category in Shopware 6?

Meta information is very vital for any website because it helps the website to rank on search engines. and improve your SEO(Search engine optimization). Please follow the below steps to add meta information on the category page.

Step 1: Login to the admin panel and go to the Catalogues > Categories.

Step 2: Click on the main navigation if you want to add meta details on the homepage.

Step 3: Now go to the SEO option.

Step 4: Enter the following fields of the SEO section.

  • Meta title: Enter the meta title in this field.
  • Description: Enter the description.
  • Keywords: Enter one or more keywords.

Step 5: Click on the Save button.

Note: To view the meta-information. Go to the homepage of your shop and tab the “Ctrl+U” key to open a source code of your home page.

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