How to change the layout for the category listing page in Shopware 6?

Change Layout For The Category Listing Page In Shopware 6

Here we’ll know about how to change the layout of category page in shopware 6.

To change the layout of the category page, You need to follow some steps given below:-

Step 1: Log in to the admin page. And click on  Catalogues>Categories Menu.

 Step 2: Go home, scroll towards the layout assignment section and click on change layout.

A pop-up is opened where you have to scroll down at last and you’ll see two categories for the listing category which is Default category layout with sidebar and default category layout. 

Step 3: Here I have selected the default category layout with sidebar. After selection of category click on save button. And click on the save button to save the category configuration.

Step 4: Now go to the frontend (or site) and refresh the page to see the changes in your frontend (or shop site).

Now again go to the backend (or your admin page) and select the other layout i.e. default category layout.

Step 5: After selection click on save and click on the save button to save category configuration.

Now visit the store-front to see the changes.