How to Create and Manage Menus in Drupal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Website managers may efficiently arrange and explore their information using menus thanks to Drupal, a powerful and adaptable content management system. We’ll go into detail in this blog post on how to create and manage menus in Drupal so that your website users have a flawless experience.

Creating a Menu:

Step 1:- Log in to Drupal Admin Dashboard:

  • Begin by logging into your Drupal website using administrator credentials.

Step 2:- Navigate to Menu Management:

  • Click on “Structure” in the top menu.
  • Select “Menus.”
menus in Drupal

Step 3:- Add a New Menu:

  • Click on the “Add Menu” tab.
menus in Drupal
  • Provide a descriptive Menu Name and administrative summary
  • Save your newly created menu.
menus in Drupal

Adding Links to the Menu:

Step 1:- Create Content:

  • Generate the content you wish to link to in your menu, such as pages or articles.

Step 2:- Access Menu Management:

  • Return to the “Structure” menu.
  • Choose “Menus.”

Step 3:- Edit the Menu:

  • Find your newly made menu and select “Edit menu” or “List Links.”
menus in Drupal
  • Select “Add link.
menus in Drupal

Step 4:- Enter Link Details:

  • Specify the Menu Link Title.
  • Input the Path (URL) or select from existing content.
  • Optionally add a Description.
  • Set the Parent link if needed.
  • Save your link.
menus in Drupal

Step 5:- Organize Menu Links:

  • Utilize drag-and-drop handles to arrange the order of links.
  • Save your changes.
menus in Drupal

Managing Menus:

Step 1:- Edit or Delete Menu Links:

  • Navigate to the Menu Management page.
  • Click “List Links” or “edit menu” for the relevant menu.
  • Use edit and delete options beside each link.

Step 2:- Adjust Menu Settings:

  • On the Menu Management page, choose “List Menus.”
  • Click “edit menu” for the menu you wish to modify.
  • Modify options like “Show as expanded” and “Enable menu link.”
  • Save changes.
menus in Drupal

Step 3:- Assign Menus to Regions:

  • If your theme supports multiple menu regions:
    • Navigate to “Structure” > “Blocks.”
    • Find the “Header” block or a similar block based on your theme.
    • Configure the block and assign it to the desired region.
menus in Drupal

Step 4:- Theme and Styling:

  • Customize the appearance of menus using custom CSS or Drupal’s theme settings.

Step 5:- Menu Modules:

  • Explore advanced menu configurations with contributed modules like “Menu Block.

Remember to clear the cache after modifying menus for changes to take effect. Navigate to “Configuration” > “Performance” and click “Clear all caches.”

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