How to Remove the VAT and Copyright Text Section From the Footer in Shopware 6?

VAT and Copyright Text Section

On every shopware 6 site, you can see the VAT and copyright section in the footer. To remove them follow the below steps. It looks like this in the storefront.

Override the tpl file into your custom theme.

You need to override the footer.html.twig file into your custom theme. The footer file directory should be in.


After overriding the footer.html.tpl file, you need to comment or remove the “footer-vat” and “footer-copyright” div section from the twig file.

footer-vat section

<div class="footer-vat">
  {% if context.taxState == "gross" %}
    <p>{{ "footer.includeVat"|trans({
           '%url%': path('',{ id: config('core.basicInformation.shippingPaymentInfoPage') })
                            })|raw }}
   {% else %}
{{ "footer.excludeVat"|trans({
              '%url%': path('',{ id: config('core.basicInformation.shippingPaymentInfoPage') })
                            })|raw }}
    {% endif %}

footer-copyright section

<div class="footer-copyright">
 {% sw_icon 'shopware' style {'size':'xs'} %}
 {{ "footer.copyrightInfo"|trans|sw_sanitize }}


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