MagentoGo and Prostores shutting down on Feb 1 2015

If you are store owner or merchant and running your store on either prostores or magentogo. Its time for you to hurry us and migrate your store to new platform. The favorite recommendation from the ebay and industry as whole is bigcommerce or magento community.

Why Bigcommerce?

  •  Its best suited for small store with low volume.
  • Its Saas based platform so you dont need to worry about server.
  • Its provides all sort of option to customize the store as per your needs

Please take a look at this product which offers a migration service from prostores to bigcommerce. If you are moving from magentogo to bigcommerce you may take a look on this one.

 Why Magento Community?

  • It provides flexibility in long run as you can modify magento in any way you want.
  • It comes prepackaged with lot of powerful features.
  • You have complete control over the code and modifications of your website.

If you are moving from magentogo or prostores to magento community you may take a look on this one.

We have helped hundreds of merchants make smooth move from prostores and magentogo to new platforms. Our emphasis is not only to make migration but we will also make improvement to your store so that you can get a fresh start for your store.