Power your magento stores with PWA

Power your magento stores with PWA

A web application which is developed as a result of merging native apps and mobile web pages is known as Progressive Web App (PWA). An app-like experienced is delivered and the applications can be progressively load and run in mobile browser. There were impressive updates made for Magento platform and one such feature was magento with PWA. If you power magento store with PWA it helps developers to successfully create and maintain a PWA storefront on top of Magento platform. It is expected that in future most of e-commerce sales will be via handheld devices such as mobile and tablet devices. Knowing this magento has already made a smart move by bringing PWA to its platform.

Speed plays a vital role in attracting new customers for online stores. A huge percentage of mobile visits will drop if mobile site takes more than three seconds to open. Progressive Web Apps are relatively fast and play a major role in increasing online sales. The major reason for PWAs to be faster is because of browser- level caching. By use of service workers PWAs pre cache part of the web app to load quickly when visitor opens it the next time.

You must power your magento store with PWA because it has the capability to run smoothly on maximum mobile browsers and platforms. Progressive Web apps need not be updated from the app store but can be delivered real-time like a website. Therefore, implementing PWA can make your website rank higher in Google search results.

PWA site can also be made to work offline. That means without having internet connectivity customer can browse products and add to the cart from your e-commerce site and even orders offline. The moment internet is connected it will automatically be processed.

If you power your magento store with PWA it will contribute to high user engagement because of speed, offline support etc. In other sides platform powered with PWA are SEO friendly. Google has announced that site don’t have mobile friendly version will perform low in ranking. Using PWA in your magento store will be enriched with mobile-first index.

Using PWA sites means to have push notifications which keep the customers informed about offers, deals and updates that helps increase traffic engagement on the site.

PWA sites can easily be added to the home screen of smartphones. Visitors can click the icon on their smartphone and directly go to the site instead first going to browser and then to the ecommerce website. Customers will spend quality time on app that will increase conversion rate.

PWA can help people use your online store app like other well-established businesses. An “add to home screen” popup will appear when visitors visit PWA-powered magento ecommerce sites and PWA version of the website will be added to user’s home screen thus mobile web user is turned into mobile app user. Visitors need not go to Google play store or app store to add app on their smart phone. PWA has the capability to turn huge traffic onto app installations means turn PWA to home screen.

If you power maganto store with PWA, following result will be measured.

  • Increase in the time spent by visitors on website
  • Page views may get doubled
  • Conversion rate improved
  • Lessen bounce-rate
  • Engagement rate goes higher
  • Requirement of data storage get reduced
  • Less Data Consumption
  • Reliable offline support
  • Initial page load time reduced

To increase sales, get more customers and consistently grow business it is important to launch PWA as soon as possible on to magento based ecommerce store. Progressive Web aaps are supposed to be the future of software technology. Magento experts know that ecommerce owners should have proper control over data and a perfect PWA website for the owners to sell their products and make profit.

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