Introduction to Shopify and Shopify Theme Development Basics

Introduction to Shopify and Shopify Theme Development Basics


From the Canada based firm comes one of the best ecommerce development system which is extremely efficient and is used in development of e-stores worldwide. It’s not a widely known fact, but a fact nonetheless that the developers of the system originally wanted to sell snowboards to target their customers directly. Their aim was to build a strong brand and a network with the costumers. In their attempt to write the software to develop an online store for themselves, they have given the same possibility to many other sellers.

The first step in the process of establishing a store is- theme. And to this resort, Shopify theme development is very flexible and diverse. There are professional developers who specialize in using Shopify to cater to every specific requirement of the entity seeking store development. But for those entities who wish to get a basic know how of Shopify theme development before they move onto getting their sites developed, here are a few pointers:

The Basics:

  • The template language in which all the work is done on Shopify is Liquid, which is also created by the creators of Shopify. The language is thus a must know for anyone working in Shopify theme development.
  • All of the Shopify themes have a standard and a defined structure. The structure contains three major directories/ folders- the assets folder, the layout folder and the templates folder.
  • In addition to these major folders, there are also the config folder, the locales folder and the snippets folder. These six directories are essential to the Shopify theme development process.
  • The asset folder is where all of the files that an individual wants to use as a part of the theme are stored. Various files like the images to be used, the script, the audio and the style-sheets are all housed here.
  • The config folder in the one which houses the settings.html file, which grants access to the settings of the theme. Whenever the developer or the user needs to change the look or any other settings of the theme, this folder and file comes to use.
  • The snippets folder as the name suggests is where all of the reusable bits and chunks of coding get stored. The codes are usually the ones which are be used over and over in the various segment and sections of the theme.
  • An online store caters to a wide range of communities/ sections, many of which have their own languages. There is hence a need to ensure that the content online is available in different languages. The locales folder facilitates this function by storing files for different languages.
  • The template folder contains all of the remaining files and references that are used in the theme development and site operation. The files relating to the product, product collection, the cart, blogs, index, customer account information etc. are all stored in this folder.

These are just the few behind the scene basics of Shopify theme development. A lot of coding, managing and development work goes into making a perfect store; and Shopify is a great medium to get all of that done.

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