How to install shopware 6 using Docker on macOS?

Showpware 6 installation using docker on Mac os

Installing shopware 6 on macOS is pretty and straightforward. Please follow the below steps to complete the installation.

1. Install docker on your system. Open the below URL and click on get docker button and download the application. Once the application is downloaded complete the installation

2. Once the installation is completed then head to docker hub and search for ‘dockware/dev’ or you can use below link to reach the page.

3. Once you are there just copy the command ‘docker pull dockware/dev’ and run using the terminal. It will take some time to complete the command.

4. Now create a separate folder for your shopware 6 installation process and create a file with ‘docker-compose.yml‘ name and copy below code in the file.

version: "3"


      # use either tag "latest" or any other version like "6.1.5", ...
      image: dockware/dev:latest
      container_name: shopware
         - "80:80"
         - "3306:3306"
         - "22:22"
         - "8888:8888"
         - "9999:9999"
         - "db_volume:/var/lib/mysql"
         - "shop_volume:/var/www/html"
         - web
         # default = 0, recommended to be OFF for frontend devs
         - XDEBUG_ENABLED=1
         # default = latest PHP, optional = specific version
         - PHP_VERSION=7.4

    driver: local
    driver: local

    external: false

5. Now open terminal and navigate to shopware folder where you created ‘docker-compose.yml‘ and run below command to start your container.

docker-compose up -d

6. Now your container is ready you can check in docker application. Now type ‘localhost’ in url bar to view the frontend.

7. Other details are provided below

URL: http://localhost/
Admin URL: http://localhost/admin
Admin User: admin
Admin Password: shopware

Host: localhost
User: dockware
Password: dockware

Note: If you face any problem in step 5 or preview frontend check activity monitor under utilities and close all applications which are running on port 80

For any support on shopware please mail us at or Whatsapp Us at +91-8800519180.