Shopware 6 Upcoming Features

Shopware 6 Features

Shopware is planning to add some features in the upcoming version of shopware 6. I’m going to mention some of the upcoming features in shopware 6.

  1. Delayed Flow: The Flow Builder can delay flow sequences for later execution so that you can define follow-up actions after an event has been triggered.
  2. Flow Builder Preview: It will help a person to test the flow builder before actually applying it to the website.
  3. Flow Templates: Flow Templates enable merchants to define reusable templates for flows, which can be shared between different systems and allows merchants to use predefined example flows.
  4. Hide & show content by device: It will help to customize your layout device-specific with the possibility to hide & show blocks or sections for certain devices.
  5. Bulk Edit Order Documents and Status Mails: You can generate orders via a bulk change, download them and send them directly with a status mail to the customer.
  6. Customer Specific Pricing:- It will help to set the specific pricing of the product for customers.

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