Top 12 Salesforce Apps In 2022

Salesforce Apps

Users can optimize and personalize their Salesforce instance by integrating additional functionality and the capability to monitor, manipulate, and analyze data of any sort through the use of apps designed specifically for Salesforce.

Salesforce apps are computer programs designed specifically for utilization within the Salesforce environment. They bring new features and capabilities to the leading Salesforce platform they supply. Apps built specifically for Salesforce can be installed on a company’s instance of Salesforce to give it additional capabilities.

What is App in Salesforce?

  • An “app” in the context of Salesforce, an “app ” is a logical container for all of the objects, tabs, processes, and services associated with a particular business function.
  • As an illustration, a salesforce application is a group of tabs that work together as a unit to provide functionality.
  • Either we will alter already existing apps to work as you do, or we will construct new apps by integrating new tabs with those already in existence.
  • The following elements make up a custom app: a name, a description, a collection of tabs organized in a particular fashion, and if wanted, a unique logo and a landing page.
  • The applications that Salesforce provides are considered to be industry standards. These apps include Sales, Call centre, Marketing, Community, and more…
  • Users can swiftly navigate between installed programs with the assistance of the app drop-down menu, which is accessible from any page.
  • One type of application that Salesforce offers is known as a Custom App, while another is known as the Service Cloud Console.

The following are the most popular applications for Salesforce:

  1. Form Apps
    You will need a Salesforce app that will assist you in creating interactive forms that users can fill out and then submit. This will be one of the first things that you will require. In addition, the form can be personalized to suit your requirements by enabling the installation of additional themes and background pictures. The operation of these programs is simplified to the point where all that is required is to drag and drop the various components. Programs such as FormStack, 123FormBuilder, and FormAssembly, along with others like it, are helpful when gathering data and viewing user comments.
  2. Chatbot Apps
    The capacity to manage one’s clientele effectively and to respond quickly to the requirements expressed by said clientele is one of the essential characteristics of any customer relationship management system. Chatbots have emerged as cutting-edge technology for communicating with prospective clients in this sector. You can get an answer to any general query, and that answer can be adapted to meet your requirements. Artificial intelligence might be programmed to offer the responses, or a natural person could be employed to deal with them.
    The following are some instances of Chatbots service providers that emphasize making their products user-friendly:
    • OLark
    • Qualified
    • Leadoo
    • Drift
  3. Email Integration
    While Salesforce currently has built-in support for familiar email clients like Gmail and Outlook, many third-party apps offer even tighter contact. These apps may be downloaded through the Salesforce AppExchange.
    For example, Revenue Grid and Ebsta tools for deal acceleration and robust email interfaces assist in deciphering buying signals from potential customers. Syncing capabilities can be highly versatile in software like Riva, allowing users to sync only the required data.
  4. eSignature
    To quickly finish legal documents, the usage of electronic signature instruments has evolved to become the industry standard. Although Salesforce does not offer any solutions for electronic signatures, a wide choice of native and integrated apps are available that can achieve the same objectives. Applications like Conga, Docusign, and Formstack are just a few examples of those that cater to a very sophisticated product category. These apps all enable document generation in addition to other helpful capabilities.
  5. Telephony and SMS
    A telephonic integration app is an example of another type of software that has the potential to alter your Salesforce organization significantly. The fact that calls may now be made and received from within Salesforce is significant because it makes it much more straightforward than ever for customer service representatives, sales representatives, and customer success representatives to communicate with consumers. AirCall, Natterbox, Ring Central, and Vonage are the most reputable service providers in this industry.
    In a similar vein, the practice of sending an SMS to a list of prospective clients is rapidly becoming the norm. Check out Mogli and Avochato to learn how you may improve your business’s communication with its clients through the usage of SMS.
  6. DevOps Apps
    In the year 2022, the market for Salesforce DevOps will be pretty competitive. The fact that numerous significant investments have been made into a relatively limited number of AppExchange apps is evidence that investors are placing substantial bets on the brisk expansion of this sector.
    Why is Salesforce DevOps gaining popularity at such a quick rate? In this particular instance, the explanation is straightforward. As the complexity of the platform increases, the native deployment techniques offered by Salesforce, such as change sets, become more challenging to use. With the assistance of Salesforce DevOps technologies, businesses can now ensure rapid software deployment.
    Reading this post as a first step in learning the ropes is something I recommend doing because the Salesforce DevOps ecosystem is so vast. Some of the most successful companies on the market today are Gearset, Copado, Autorabit, and Flosum.
  7. Backup Apps
    Even though backing up data isn’t necessary, it is nevertheless an essential component of every business. If there is a loss of data, the administrators of Salesforce will be required to retrieve data from various files that were previously backed up. There is no doubt that the Salesforce ecosystem offers a pre-installed backup option; nevertheless, AppExchange gives something in addition to that. Several reputable options are available, including Odaseva, OwnBackup, CloudAlly, and others.
    The ability to create backups of your integrated data and your system settings is undoubtedly the feature of these tools that is the most beneficial to you. Consequently, restoring your data may be accomplished in any of the Salesforce apps by only clicking a button.
  8. Digital Adoption Apps
    Even more, recently produced CRM technologies have demonstrated some promise in resolving the age-old problem of user acceptability. Concerns about how well a new system will be received by its users are standard throughout the rollout of a new system. Fortunately, some apps are specifically built to address this worry.
    Users of Salesforce have access to real-time, individualized support anytime they require it, thanks to apps such as Whatfix and WalkMe, which industry leaders built.
  9. Data Cleansing Apps
    Undoubtedly, one of the most critical tasks in business CRMs like Salesforce is the administration of vast amounts of data. Some businesses believe that amassing and managing an even greater quantity of files and data will improve the quality of their output. Because of this, it is necessary to have additional tools at your disposal to aid with the purification of data and extracting relevant insights as quickly as possible. The Salesforce AppExchange provides access to various efficient data cleaning tools to help businesses realize their data-related objectives. Cloudingo and DemandTools are two examples of them. They will maintain the pristine state of your data and make it suitable for usage at every procedure stage.
  10. Document Generation Apps
    Salesforce’s doc gen space is one of the most often used applications out of the more than 4,000 available. Because Salesforce has not generally supplied this capability outside of CPQ, many third-party developers have stepped forward to fill the void left by Salesforce’s lack of support.
    Employing a document-producing tool, you may use the information stored in Salesforce to create documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF format. The record of the opportunity allows you to produce a Statement of Work, a contract, or a fancy quote all on its own. For enterprises, there is the possibility of significant cash savings and considerable reductions in the amount of administrative overhead they must bear.
  11. Finance Apps
    Even while Salesforce wasn’t intended to manage financial transactions on its own, some ingenious developers have made it possible to connect your CRM to your accounting software so that you can do so. As a direct consequence, the billing and invoicing process become more streamlined. Accounting Seed, Zumzum, and Financial Force are some of the native accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software built on Salesforce. Other options include Financial Force. You will be able to accurately account for income and plan for the future with the assistance of Place Technology.
  12. Process & Impact Analysis Apps
    Before deploying a new feature, it may be challenging to do compatibility testing due to the growing size and complexity of Salesforce org. The stated procedure of the company and the technological implementation of the features can be challenging to synchronize with one another.
    It is customary for these systems, which some people call “change intelligence,” to involve process mapping and effect analysis to assist you in predicting the outcomes of the alterations you make. Cloud and Panaya ForeSight currently hold the majority of the market share. You might also be curious about Happy Soup, a tool for doing impact analysis free of charge.


Just like any other instrument or piece of software, using Salesforce has its fair share of advantages and cons.


  • To begin, using Salesforce carries zero hazards. Because of its low-risk management and low purchasing costs, using this organizational tool will not result in any losses and will result in a significant increase in gains.
  • Additionally helpful in digitizing and organizing business sale information is Salesforce’s database, which is used by the company Salesforce. As a result, an improvement across an entire corporation’s organization.
  • Salesforce is the perfect tool for businesses that value providing excellent customer service. Users can create a client profile unique to their preferences, and the client’s data may be quickly retrieved and organized.
  • There is also no need to purchase software and hardware equipment to assist with the program’s maintenance and ensure that it continues to run correctly. As a direct consequence, using Salesforce does not need any initial financial outlay on your part.
  • The improved process that these integrated solutions make is directly responsible for a rise in the overall lifetime value of the customer base. In addition, Salesforce’s reporting and analytics capabilities make it possible for customers to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. As a result, the overall output can be raised, and as a result, the profit can be maximized.
  • Because Salesforce is a web-based program and does not require the installation of any software, it is not necessary to do frequent updates because Salesforce will do it for you automatically.

Challenges and Difficulties Involved with Adoption

  • It’s possible that having too many options to customize and a user interface that’s overloaded with features that aren’t necessary would be frustrating.
  • Some clients have difficulty moving between the various forms of purchases. To complete transactions, some people have to go through multiple screens.
  • Because it is hosted in the cloud, Salesforce is subject to a maintenance schedule unique to the platform. Because of this, users won’t be able to access the app at all times.
  • Consumers’ interactions with the processes they utilize may become impersonal when those activities are automated.
  • There are obstacles in the way of Salesforce’s adoption. Therefore, although the upfront cost of adopting Salesforce is relatively inexpensive, the investment of integrating the application and making necessary adjustments to a business’s information technology infrastructure to accommodate its use is not. It is feasible that the expense of putting it into action will be higher than the cost of purchasing the program.


In conclusion, our sincere goal is that the information shown here regarding the Top Salesforce Apps to Use in 2022 has provided you with sufficient information to enhance the productivity of your office. The Salesforce platform’s AppExchange is one of the platform’s most appealing selling points. Now is the time to start utilizing one of the many apps that are now available. The majority of the apps above can dramatically change how your company utilizes Salesforce. As a result, the possibilities are immense. You can test the majority of the apps without having to provide any payment information at all.

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