Why you should consider PWA for your online store?

Why you should consider PWA for your online store-12

It is beneficial to invest in a Progressive Web App for an online store because consumers’ behaviour towards searching and buying products has been changed and in current scenario to successfully run your ecommerce store it is must to cater mobile users. PWA serves the benefit of both mobile web and apps. PWAs are easier to build than native apps therefore they can be developed for various businesses. Users can get app-like experience by navigating to PWA from any desired browser. They are found easily accessible via any web browser and offer good user experience than any other responsive sites. Native apps are cash cow of Apple whereas PWA is Google own baby. If your ecommerce store is equipped with PWA the most powerful benefit is to increase user experience, customer engagement and increase conversion rate. As PWA is Google’s baby so it makes sure to cover and arm it with website that probably provides a feeling of using an app. Earlier PWA used to be nerdy concept but it has been gaining momentum with time. If you consider PWA for your online store it will a great boon for users as they can easily install, use offline and receive push notifications when online and no longer worried about poor internet connection. All online store owners should get off from responsive design train and jump onto PWA dragon.

It seems that the lobe is squeezed inside mobile phones and everything is expected to be fetched at one click. PWA has the feature to save whole web page to user’s mobile local storage and contents are updated automatically on regular intervals. It is good to have responsive ecommerce website for end user but it is equally important to consider fast loading speed and new updates for online customers. Websites are made for general information but Progressive Web Apps are made for making end user task simpler and enrich with updates.

Features of PWA

  • Support offline
  • Push Notifications
  • Flexibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Ability to reuse existing code to provide mobile experience
  • Installable
  • Index able
  • Reduce page load times

If you consider PWA for your online store the acquisition costs may shrink few times. PWA may work perfectly for education oriented portals, event websites and ecommerce platforms.

With push notifications feature PWA can easily remind users about your existence the moment you update on anything, add new products to your stock or publish new content. The cost of turning from native app to PWA is relatively low. If you launch PWA to your ecommerce store it will certainly boost user experience, increase conversion rate, improve page load time, increase number of shopper sessions, encourages visitors to add PWA to their home screen and therefore ecommerce owners gain more revenue. PWA provides solution to various problems such as number of drop-offs, customer acquisition cost etc.

It is seen that ecommerce website that has PWA loaded have produced impressive results like increase of active users, Increase of logins and new signups and more noticeably decrease of page payload. To reach more mobile users PWA is the ultimate option because it is too cost effective. The companies can eliminate huge cost for native apps as PWAs can be easily built by upgrading existing website into PWA on any platform for different operating systems.

If you consider PWA for your online store then users will get better real time experience. The visitors need not again and again run browser to use the app whereas they can directly add PWA on their home screen, takes little space  and easily installable without any real download.

The risk of bounce rate can be slowed down because PWA have offline features and faster download page speed with no security threats.

PWAs are supposed to be focus on speed and as a result are responsive to multiple channels that improve Google ranking of web app substantially thus promises to get more inflow of traffic.

With PWA customers will receive push notifications about shipping discount, new added products, offers and other additional services time to time. This way leads we nurtured and chances of conversion remain high. It is believed that PWAs are the next milestone in cloud innovation as it allows create a website that behaves and looks like native application on different platforms.