Akeneo to Magento2 Integration

Akeneo to Magento2 Integration

The face of the ecommerce landscape is changing rapidly because of customer expectations, competition, smart buying habits and technical changes. Therefore, to make pace with the changing scenario and remain competitive the businesses must be on their toes all time and offer customers’ valuable, personalized and engaging purchasing experiences through brand loyalty.

Incorporating Akeneo into your Magento2 migration can help increase your success multiple times. Akeneo keeps product data in an organized and accurate manner. It is capable of handling thousands of product related information such as technical data, product images and product descriptions, regulatory data and other attributes. A product model with variants such as colour, size is created and later when it is exported to magneto2 the attributes and information are also exported and mapped on the Magento store.

With the help of extension we connect your Magento2 store with Akeneo a product information management platform that can manage thousands of products fast. Once all the data is being imported we can assist you push that data into Magnto2 store with simple, configurable and virtual types of products.

Why need Akeneau?

Magento2 Akeneau connector work with multiple store view. You can export to magneto2 for both simple and variant products or want to export different attributes for common and variant product then choose variant field mapping. Akeneau will export product fast on to Magneto2. The connector provides the feature to export the associative product like related, cross and upsell.

Akeneo centrally manage your product information and lets you collect all product information to the channels and systems that need it, collaborate to produce high quality product data.

Akeneo can manage thousands of products easily. The website owner can import any information about categories, configurable variations, attributes etc. The success in online shops depends on two factors: quality products and best possible product information. Using Akeneo and Magneto involves data synchronization between the two systems and eliminates the time-consuming and risky manual procedures.  Akeneo to Magento2 Integration can be of following information:

  • Products
  • Attributes
  • Images
  • Categories
  • Product families
  • Cross-selling Articles

The extension has proven to be a perfect ally when it comes to connecting two platforms and with plug-and-play approach and user-friendly interface, you can easily and safely import all catalogue data to your websites and improve time-to-market. This integration ensures a smooth and long-lasting experience.

Akeneo to magneto2 integration marks another step forward to help brands and retailers build best ecommerce businesses.  It improves product data quality and accuracy and simplifies product catalogue management. Online merchants can improve customer experience, reduce time-to-market, increase conversion and sales, and sell globally.

Key Benefits of Akeneo

  • Consolidates, manages and enhance product information
  • Collects data from sources, enrich it, automatically publishes to your sales, marketing and digital channels

The product data such as categories, product features, families and attributes, product model, product images and variants can be managed within Akeneo and directly sync with Magento. This will offer a core integration to address and satisfy the strategic needs of merchants.