Create New Widget In Magento 2

Create New Widget In Magento 2

How we can easily create a widget to our website. You can create a Widget in Magento 2 either from admin or coding. We are going to create from admin. Simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Login to your admin and go to Content -> Elements -> Widgets.

Step 2: Click on Add Widget button.

Step 3: In Settings select Type & Design Theme for the widget after that click on Continue.

Step 4: Fill up the blank fields in Storefront Properties.

  • Widget Title: Enter your widget title name as your requirement.
  • Short Order: Enter the short order of your widget.
  • Add Layout Update: You can easily change the layout of the widget from this layout update section.

Step 5: Go to Widget Option & Fill up the blank fields.

  • Anchor Custom Text: Enter your custom text for the widget. If empty, the Page Title will be used.
  • Anchor Custom Title: Enter Your custom title for the widget.
  • CMS Page: Select the CMS page for your Widget.

Step 5: Click on Save button.

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