How to add Basic Information in Shopware6?

how to add basic information in shopware 6

In this section, you can add basic information about your store. The settings can be set globally or per sales channel.

To add Basic Information follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Settings -> Shop -> Basic Information.

Step 2: The following fields are required:

Basic Information

  • Shop Name: Enter the name of your shop in this section.
  • Shop owner’s email address: Enter the Email Id of the shop owner’s in this section.
  • Family friendly shop: Sets meta tag “is family friendly” for search engines.

Shop Pages

In the shop pages you can define the layout of the shop page for your stores for some areas within the modal windows of your storefront.

  • Shop page layout for ToS(Terms of service) pages.
  • Shop page layout for revocation notices.
  • Shop page layout for payment and shipping information
  • Shop page layout for privacy pages.
  • Shop page layout for an imprint.
  • Shop page layout for 404 pages.
  • Shop page layout for maintenance pages.
  • Shop page layout for contact pages.
  • Shop page layout for newsletter pages.

Click on Save button.

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