Top 10 TYPO3 extensions for professional website template

TYPO3 offers an easy way to customize the design and layout of your website. Instead of creating the framework and style from scratch, templates can be created as you prefer. It is important to know top 10 TYPO3 extensions for professional website template. The structure might change or another template may be used and content will be integrated to the design.

Template components are more important and will be similar to the elements and design of the website. The functionality and vision should match with design and layout of TYPO3 template.

The following top 10 extensions for professional website template must be kept under consideration.

Responsive Web design: It is good that you select a responsive template and develop the content from the start. If the template is flexible it will automatically fit to any display size. It will save lot of money and time.

Compatibility with TYPO3 Version: It is not necessary that every TYPO3 template is compatible in terms of version. So, make sure to check the TYPO3 version is listed in the template documentation.

Licensing: Before downloading the template, you should check the licensing part because in some cases changes are not allowed and you can’t use it for commercial purpose. In other cases a link should be included that references the provider or developer of the template.

Reliability: You should be careful and watch the signs of an honest and established provider. Always remember one fine approach is the feedback of the other users that have downloaded similar templates from same provider. The reliable provide always show the demo version and screen shots of template details.

Templa Volia: It is an extension which offers different way of creating and editing many components of the website. It is another interface of the back- end of TYPO3 system. It is used to create flexible page structures, which are also known as columns. It maintains traditional template design on content elements with user-friendly interface. The extensions also lead to improvements of the TYPO3 core.

Sliding-Header: It is a normal and common element of the design of a website with a main image in header and a slider as an extended version.

  • Multiple photos
  • Professional look
  • Contain any multimedia elements
  • Highlight elements, reduce the space for elements
  • Impress visitors

RealURL: TYPO3 works by page-ID. A useful extension, named realURL provides a translation from page ID to URLs, we can remember the page by its URL and name.

NEWS-System: To add NEWS module in your website, provision of adding the functionality should be available. The system is represented as articles and stored in a folder. One of the pages will contain the extension and reads other articles in the news folder.

SEO Extension: In the changed scenario search engine optimization plays a key role in bringing more visitors and makes website’s presence on the web and search engines. The websites are indexed and ranked, based on keywords of contents and location. Adding SEO_dynamic_tag to the website improve the way that search engines look and rank accordingly.

Contact form: This element should be added as users want to write or contact to you regarding the various services offered by you. In other words it is an easier way for the visitors to contact you. Don’t forget to add the submit button that sends the email to the webpage admin.

Multilanguage Extension: TYPO3 builds the language in layers on the same page. The website is created in default language, and multiple pages can be translated in different languages.

Static_info_tables: The extension is a set of database tables that stores data related on languages, states, locations, countries, provinces and currencies.

TYPO3 offers many extensions that are available in the repository. The extensions always enhance the functionality of your website. SEO extensions help you performing specific indexing operations.

Typo3 Extensions:

  • phpMyAdmin
  • Yoast SEO
  • Crawler
  • TOP

TYPO3 is an advanced CMS platform and helps users to build enterprise- level apps. Top 10 TYPO3 extensions for professional website template make the website presentable to the users. If you still have some questions regarding TYPO3 extensions, feel free to ask via email or live chat.

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