Why you should migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 ?

migration from magento 1 to magento 2

Magento2 is an improved version of Magento platform. It has different architecture, modified interface and specified developer tools which makes Magento2 better than Magento1. The interface is designed in such a way that e-commerce owners grow their business more efficiently. The improved indexers help to speed up query performance. It works on updated HTTP accelerator technology. By using new set of performance test scripts of Magento2 to optimize the system performance new test code environment can be created. Magento2 is capable of handling more orders with faster speed of adding products to the cart.
Boost the performance
All contents from a static page is cached when a user visits the website that increases the performance, responsive time is improved, reduces the server load and avoids the downtime during high traffic period. A fully-generated page appears directly from the cache with full-page caching.
Enhanced Interface
The newly-designed admin interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate with well-organized and easy menus. The important business information is quickly accessible. It allows the website owner to focus on more important tasks because it decreases the time consumption to manage orders, product pages and categories. An extremely functional store can be built within halftime as compared to Magento1.
Now mobile devices such as smartphones, Phablets and tablets are getting and most of the customers go online shopping using these devices. The developers can create the sites that support the smart devices with any screen resolutions using Magento2.
More Productivity and Business opportunities
Magento2 helps website owners to manage their store more efficiently and get maximum business gain. Without data conflicts admin users are allowed to create and edit products.
Customer shopping experience
Magento2 has reduced online shopping problems and pains of the customers and made an endeavor with increased features and performance that brings huge business gain to the e-commerce owners.
Flexible check-out process
It has released a very simple and short check-out process for customers thus reducing the abandoned carts and improving transitions. Its new design supports the website owners to create sites anytime and anywhere sales.